One pet (head & neck or full body):

                  9x12                $225.00

                  11x14               $250.00

   * select your preferred background color, or I will provide suggested colors.

    *More complicated (landscape) backgrounds may require an additional fee. 

  * Include a favorite toy for free!

Please go to the CONTACT page and type in your contact information and some ideas about what you would like me to paint for you.

  * Two or more pets in the same painting for an additional fee. 

  * Larger paintings can be arranged for an additional fee.

  * Contact me about having your portrait professionally framed at a very reasonable price. 

  * Shipping is not included in the price. Typically under $20.

  * Personal delivery can be arranged for local customers. .


Animal Portrait Pricing

 Questions? Please contact me: or (623) 500-8001