What have customers said about Kathy Wadsworth Fine Art?


     "I highly recommend Kathy Wadsworth Fine Art! ... She recently painted Sadie and I now have Sadie in my home again, she's come back to life thanks to Kathy and her fine painting!!! ..."               Nina Kelly

   "When I heard Kathy painted pictures of animals, I was interested. ... She took some pictures of my dogs and their eyes to make sure she captured them just as they are. When I received my painting I was so happy.  She does a great job."                   Therese Stover

   "I love my Billy painting. Everyone who comes in the house asked about it and they all say how beautiful and lifelike it is!  It will be treasured forever."   

                                                 Loni Hunt

   "Love my dog oil paintings. Most dog artists don't have the realistic flair that Kathy does.  I would highly recommend."                              Julie Beck

   "Kathy painted me the most beautiful painting of my dog Nashville. The way that she was able to capture his personality was amazing and every hair looked so realistic. She has true talent."      Lindsey Shep

   "Kathy's painting do such a good job of capturing the way cats and dogs actually look!  I asked her to paint on of my favorite photographs of my cat and he looks great! The painting looks just like the picture, but softer and with a bit more love. I am so grateful for such a beautiful memory, it hangs proudly on my wall."                                        Andrea Knipe